October 25, 2010

Pumpkin patch here we come!!!

Well Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch! It was lots of fun kinda chilly (glad we took our jackets). Braydon really enjoyed it. Showered on us for a sec.
He was totally into at first!

Then not so much after they got back. He said it was bumpy! haha

Then we rode the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch
They picked the perfect pumpkin

In Braydon's words "Its so heavy for me!"

                                                         Maize Maze!!!

He was off to the races....the duck races that is!

He loved shooting this thing. It was a pumpkin shooter thing. Pretty cool I was afraid he was going to shoot the kid working it haha

Favorite place when Fall comes Around!!! LOVE IT!!

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