December 2, 2009


Our friends Derrick and Alisha came over and ate left over stew last night. Lots of fun never a dule moment with the 4 of us! Here is a pic we took with the new camera.

Disclaimer: No children or adults were hurt in the making of these photos! haha

Easy Beef Stew Recipe
1-1/2 Cups Flour
2 lbs. Stew Meat
1 onion (chopped)
2 cloves of garlic (minced)
4 Cups. Beef broth
1-3 Tlbs. Tony's
1-2 Cups Carrots (baby)
4-5 Potatoes (chopped in 1 in. cubes)
1-2 Bay leafs or 1-2 tsp. chopped bay leaf
1-2 Tbls. Corn Starch
1-2 Tbls. Water

Put about 1 cup of flour in a plastic bag and about 1 Tbls. Tony's with batches of stew meat until coated. After coating all the stew meat in flour and Tony's mixture put about 6 Tbls. olive oil in a large metal pan. I used a big stock pot and coated the bottom of the pot with olive oil didn't measure. Put stew meat into the pot and let brown make sure you put them in as batches not all at once. After all stew meat is browned set aside on a plate. Put a little more olive oil in the pot and chop up 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic and suate until translucent. The pour about 3 cups of beef broth or 3 cups of water and beef bouillan cubes into the pot. Then put carrots, potatoes, bay leaf, tony's, any other spice you have that you think will compliment. Then when the potatoes and carrots are soft mix the corn starch and water in a little bowl or cup with a spoon and pour into the stew if you think it needs to be thicker just stir up more of the corn starch mixture and add. Then your all done if you need help or more info just leave me a comment and let me know I just did the recipe by memory so it might be kinda confusing.

December 1, 2009

My 1st post EVER!!!

So, today I thought it would be fun to start my own blog. I'm a newbie, so bare with me. I thought I should start one so my friends and family can see what we are up to. And, I can utilize my new CAMERA!!! haha Well for a while it might be boring, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it and have lots of fun with it! So, I guess for my first post I'll write something about me!

1. I'm a stay at home mommy to a wonderfully silly little boy Braydon
2. I have an awesome husband who works in the oilfield, which brings me to where we live.
3. We live about 45 minutes from the four corners region. On the New Mexico side.
4. We moved here from west TX about a year and a couple of months ago because of the company the boy got a job with. We prayed and prayed to make sure this was the right move for our family, and it was hands down!
5. I'm a horrible speller so in advance I'm saying I'm sorry for that! God didn't give me the gift of spelling.
6. All of our family is back in TX which is kinda sad, but we found an AMAZING church that has really took us in as one of them.
7. We have parents and serrogant parents.
8. We have brothers, sisters, and serrogant brothers and sisters. haha
9. I'm a wanna be crafter!!!
10. I love to cook, but hate to clean up!
11. I like to look at peoples crafts online and try to make it my own.
12. I love my life as of now!
13. I miss my Grandparents on my Mom's side very much we lost both of them within 2 years.
14. I miss my family back in TX.
15. There is much much more about me, but we can't spoil it all now in our first meeting!