August 16, 2010

Gone fishing!!

Braydonut wanted to go fishing this weekend SUPA bad!!! I mean thats all he talked about Daddy is going to take me fishing. We'll once I informed Mr. T. He's like well I guess that means I need to take him! I said Yes Yes you do he needs some Daddy time. So, Mr. T. was at Walmart getting his fishing license and gets Braydonut a new fishing pole and reel. Its called an Ugly Stick. Totally love it!! haha I used it and was like ok I'm getting a pink one of thes. Anywho, we went out to one of our friends house who lives on the Animas River. And, we'll this is what we caught!
I had the catch of the day whoot whoot!!! Kinda felt bad because Braydonut didn't get anything oh well thats life! haha
But, anywho I documented his first real time fishing here ya go!

He started practicing the night before trying to get the float in a 5 gallon bucket! SO redneck not going to lie!! haha
My boys chillin
His first time in a bait shop! He was so proud of those worms!
First time casting by himself!

This reminds me of an old man sitting in his chair drinking a cold one watching the fish! haha
And, then keeping it real Braydon got mad for some reason threw the pole down into the river and cried! He has a majoy temper on him we are trying to get him out of that business!!
Daddy giving him a come to Jesus talk haha
Life is now better!!!