October 23, 2010

Quilt top finished!!!

So, on the 20th I finished my first quilt I designed, cut, sewed all by myself!! With the help of Missouri Star Quilt Company's start to finish baby quilt tutorial. They have great tutorials if you are learning to quilt, and don't want to go fork up big bucks to go to a class. This is my new found hobby, and I love it. It look me about a year to finally get the guts to pick out fabric and sit down, and sew by myself. I learned how to sew my first stitch about a year ago as well. My unbiological Grandma taught me how to cut with a rotary cutter. She taught me how to make an apron. I also bought my first sewing machine about a year ago as well. Singer Simple it was like 50 bucks at walmart. I had a gift card so it actually cost me nothing. So, glad I got it I just wanted one that I could start sewing on, not complicated just a sit down and sew. And, for its debut!!! Here it is in all its glory!!!!
The corners are NOT lined up very well, and the borders are kinda lumpy. Oh well at least I finished it. Now on to basteing, quilting, and binding it. Hopefully I'll be getting that done this next week. I HAVE TO start on Christmas gifts. This was originally was going to be give as a gift, but I changed my mind. It has all the colores in my house, and its my first so its staying with me. : )

Also, I love fall!!! Here is my autumn maple!! LOVE IT!!! It dropped its leaves yesterday though.

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! You commented on my blog and said you were a beginner sewer, but it looks like you're pretty good...I finished my first quilt last month and it's tough work!