November 4, 2010

Project 2010

This is what I made 2 days ago!

I made this apron out of an old tea towel that Mr.T's Grandmother gave us for christmas last year. Ok ok so you thinking last christmas? Yes, last christmas. Its kind of a funny story. Here it goes. Mr.T's Grandma gave us a box last christmas, on the box it said "Do not open untill 1/1/10." So, we didn't opened it untill 10/30/10. Yes, you saw it right 10/30/10. We kinda forgot about it. Oops! Mr. T's parents came into town last week and said y'all need to open that soon. So, we did and this is one of the things she gave me. An old tea towel. The first thing I said was I'm making this into an apron! And, I did...I really like it a lot! The fabric is from the scrap material I had from my quilt I made. (I'm finially getting to the binding you'll see pics when I'm finished with it.) I used Missouri Star Quilt Companie's tea towel apron tutorial online. I LOVE that website its the bomb! They also have great deals on their Daily Deal website.

And, this is Mr. T's baby!! Well project in process

This is going to be a headboard for our bed. He isn't totally done with it yet. He is going to put red wood behind it....he's such a good daddy and hubby! 

PS Braydon had to get shots today : ( poor baby he didn't like it at ALL!!!! Lol he's quite the drama king!! lol The girls in the doctors office thought he was not really, but I sware it sounded like it. It was quite hillarious...kinda in a feel bad for him, but know he's being SO dramatic kinda way.

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