July 1, 2010

Show of Flowers 2010

My daylillies and lillies are in full bloom whoop whoop!!!!
Russian Ragtime Reblooming Daylilly
I have no idea what this is, but I know its a lilly! haha It's supa pretty!!
More lillies...for some reason they didn't get tall glad because they have tons of blooms!
Raised bed where my red and pink lillies are. The 1st planter is all strawberries (Frt. Loraine I think is what its called) 2nd is snap dragons and pansies. 3rd is the lillies! Mr. T made this for me he did such a good job don'tcha think?
Another angle of the raised flowerbed!

Front flowerbed has pansies and petunias, then snapdragons, chrysanthmums, then oregano, chives, strawberries they are all kinda bunched together this is a poopy picture of it, but oh well I'll have to take a better one some other time!
I'm a beginner gardener last year was my first year to ever really have flowers all season I love it now!!! WAY addicted!! I love to grow stuff maybe next week I'll have pics of my garden that i have these are pics of the back flower bed on the right side of the house and then front right flowerbed!

Hope you like!!!


  1. oh wow...I do like this! I love your pathway...and your flowers are just sooooo pretty! thanks for linking in...I have enjoyed my visit...please link up again...I am a new follower for your blog!

  2. I'm glad to see another poor soul has succumbed to the gardening addiction.... it's one of the few maladies that is actually good for you! Larry

  3. aloha,

    every flower looks fantastic, love the day lillies you have so many types

  4. What a wonderful raised bed your hubby built...love it...you've got some beautiful lilies...I love that pink one!!!
    You're off to a wonderful start with your gardening...hang with Tootsie and you'll learn lots!!! Happy 4th!!!