May 7, 2010


Ok so its been FOREVER since I've updated! We'll our last cycle of clomid worked, but six weeks later we had a miscarriage. So, that was kinda a bumber, but I know the good Lord has something bigger and better in store for us! April 7-11 We went to Mesquite, NV for a golf tounement that Mr. T went to for his company. Lots of fun we went to Las Vegas while we were there because it was like an hour away ate at the Venitian in a swanky italian restraunt! Then going back to NM we went through Zion National Park WAY cool!!! Tried to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but it was closed off due to the winter. So, we kept going went to the Vermillion Cliffs then found a random guy who stopped and told us we could still see the Canyon if we wanted to go on a 10 minute hike so we did. Pretty spontaneous for Mr. T we were like we'll if the guy tries to follow us and kill us well its a good place to do that it was in the middle of no where in the middle of the dessert! It was awesome though anywho then we stopped at the Navajo Bridge and saw my first Califoria Condor AWESOME!!! Then came home. So, much fun at exiting for us!

Then for our anniversary the weekend of April 22 we went to Pagosa Springs,CO with our friends Derrick and Alicia. It was a blast went and hiked down a mountain to get to the river to go fishing. Not recommeded with a 3 year old but he mannaged. Then went to a Animal wildlife place it was fun too then went to Trinidad, CO for Mr. T's work. Pics to come! Those are our adventures thus far this year! More updating to come!

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