July 5, 2010

YAY!!! For Our founding Father's!!! GOD bless America!!

I love fireworks hands down!! Spent this fourth with our church family watching the fireworks!!
Mr. T and our unbilogical Mother haha
the boys playing with sparklers!
little boys playing on the fourth!!
One of my TX friends came to see me!! We'll she was actually here staying with her roommates family, but for my bonus she came to see me!! Its so weird her roommates family lives in the same town as we do in NM. My buddy and I went to college together and worked together in TX! When she moved away she ended having a roommate from the same place as where we live now! It was totally a God thing! That probably didn't make sense, but you kinda get the jist haha
Oh how I missed her!!!
And, for Mr. T's day off this is what he would be doing! haha

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