February 15, 2010

Prego business duece!

We'll  my doctor had to put me on different medication because I still hasn't ovulating I was taking

50 mg Clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle

that was it.

Then I had to be put on

metphormine one pill twice daily to help my overies to work. Its some new thing they are doing, but that dang metphormine was making me SO sick to my stomach not cool! its typically used for diabetes but now they are trying to use it combined with clomid. So, they upped my clomid to 100 mgs.

new meds:

Metphormine one pill twice daily
100 Mg Clomid days 5-9

So, hopefully it'll work

It did I FINALLY OVULATED!!!! YEAH!!!! We'll see in a couple of weeks and see if it gets me preggo! Wish us luck!!!

PS this is my experience not saying all doctors perscribe the same meds, but this is what my doctor did and what works for me might work for you and it might not. Hope this is a little helpful.

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